Deep within the vivacious Auckland music scene is Soccerpractise - a beautiful band which could be classed as electronic, but equally so they could exist in their own unique genre. Singer Geneva Alexander Marsters sings ethereal notes in both Māori and English over guitar and beats by Leo Horgan and Thom Burton.

Another twist to this captivating group of musicians is their fourth member's instrument - being the visual projections cast over the other three members and the backwall. Kim Newall is what makes Soccerpractise so fascinating to experience live; “instead of making sounds I’m making images. So instead of banging a drum, I sometimes have some little puppets or drawings I move. I also play the sampling as well, I do some puppetry or animation and play it back. In response or in conjunction to the music. It’s quite an improvised performance.” 

I discovered SoccerPractise at Madcap Madness festival last weekend in at the Wine Cellar stage on K Road - and I would have to say it was one of the most enjoyable, inspiring, and intriguing live performances I have seen. Check out their music on our spotify playlist and some of their music videos below ~



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